2015 Pierrot Awards & Party

2015 Pierrot Awards & Party

The 45th Annual Pierrot Awards and Party

Celebrating the best of Season 45 and featuring musical selections from MARY POPPINS and ANNIE GET YOUR GUN.  The Party is free to all Season 45 subscribers and TWH Volunteers.  Pre-show reception hosted by the TWH Women’s Guild.

The 2015 Pierrot Nominees and Recipients (in bold)

Best Actor
John Ettinger as B-Flat in SECOND SAMUEL
Derek Wyatt as Eric Sheridan in UNNECESSARY FARCE

Best Actress
Cheyenne Grantham as Billie Dwyer in UNNECESSARY FARCE
Darian Henne as Becky Foster in BECKY’S NEW CAR

Best Supporting Actor
Chris Lujan as Frisky in SECOND SAMUEL
Thom Mesrobian as Todd in UNNECESSARY FARCE

Best Supporting Actress
Kaylee Bledsoe as Omaha in SECOND SAMUEL
Jessica Pipkin as Karen Brown in UNNECESSARY FARCE

Best Featured Actor
Tony Murvin as U.S. in SECOND SAMUEL
Larry Helms as Agent Frank in UNNECESSARY FARCE

Best Featured Actress
Allie Iakovidis as Ruby in SECOND SAMUEL
Virginia Zechiel as Mary Meekly in UNNECESSARY FARCE
Ashley Kochenburger as Jimmy Deanne in SECOND SAMUEL

Best Musical Performance (Male)
Joshua Kolb as Bert in MARY POPPINS
Jamey Brown as George Banks in MARY POPPINS
Cory Wilson as Frank Butler in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN
Robin Davis as Chief Sitting Bull in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN

Best Musical Performance (Female)
Melissa Whitworth as Mary Poppins in MARY POPPINS
Mary Ramnarine as The Bird Woman in MARY POPPINS
Sarah Ganey as Winnie Tate in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN
Sarah Catherine Barnes as Dolly Tate in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN

Outstanding Performance by a Young Person
Grace Brixa as Jane Banks in MARY POPPINS
Morgan Tanner as Michael Banks in MARY POPPINS
Casey Gist as Jake in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN
Lily Tanner as Jessie in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN

Best Set Design
MARY POPPINS Set by Alan S. Reynolds
SECOND SAMUEL Set by Alan S. Reynolds
ANNIE GET YOUR GUN Set by Nicholas D. Judy

Best Play
SECOND SAMUEL Directed by Jim McClellan
UNNECESSARY FARCE Directed by Lawrence Lesher
BECKY’S NEW CAR Directed by Ilene Fins

Best Musical
MARY POPPINS Directed by Katrina Ploof
ANNIE GET YOUR GUN Directed by Katrina Ploof


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